When I see dogs, I imagine them doing stupid things

Fluffy cream-coated dog riding in the back seat of a Jetta, shakes his ears and sticks his head out the window. Wind flies under him and lifts his ears like wings. They ride higher that his eyes. He comes off the seat, tongue flapping in the breeze, bonks his head on the roof, then roles back into the cushions with a laugh.

At the beach, I was sitting on the sand to watch the sunset. A dog that lived at the resort came out to join me. He sat on the beach and faced the sunset. He scratched himself, but then faced the sun again. I thought he must be waiting for one of the boats to come in. But no boat came in. Only the sun. And then, the following day, he came out to the beach and did the same thing at sunset, followed by another of the resort dogs, and no boats were coming in. They were taking time to sit on the shore and look at the sunset.