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Looking back on my life, I can see how the odd influences helped make me who I am. To all those things, I say thanks.

Very special thanks goes to Bugs Bunny and Road Runner for making me laugh when I was a child, and to the long-gone, but sorely missed, Vincent Price for adding just enough “creepy.”

Taylor guitars have made my life more meaningful, especially the truly beautiful T5 Koa-top custom hybrid. When I first picked up that guitar, I thought they’d made the neck just to fit my hand and playing style. As I sat and played it in the store, I new I wasn’t going to walk out without it. A guitar that gives you back everything you ask of it is a true musical friend. The songs I dream up sound better because of the T5. I’ve also enjoyed playing a hand-made Ferangeli from Cebu City, Philippines, constructed of one piece of mango wood for the sound box.

My Honda Element, the boxy, now discontinued SUV, for taking me and my stuff wherever I wanted to go.

Sunrise atop Mt. Cadillac in Acadia National Park was a memorable moment.

The true value of having a Sunday is the freedom to consume decadent things, like half-baked Ben and Jerry’s.

When reality fails, imagination brings up the rear.